Welcome to our summer cherry recipes guide! Summer heat means two things: outdoor gatherings and cherry season! Cherries are only around for a few months so make them the star of your next picnic, barbecue or outdoor cocktail party.

Cherries are very healthy and can be used to make drinks or refreshing snacks. They are also pair beautifully with cheese (click to access our pairing how-to).

To get you started, here are some of our favorite summer cherry recipes:


Orondo Ruby® Cherry and Peach Sangria

Orondo Ruby® Cherry Gin and Tonic

Orondo Ruby Gin and Tonic

Cherry vanilla and ginger float

Cherry Kombucha Float

Cherry basil hibiscus tea

Cherry Basil Hibiscus Tea

Orondo Ruby® Cherry milkshake

Savory Bites

Crunchy cherry cucumber cups

Cherry basil quinoa salad

Creamy summer salad with Orondo® Ruby cherries

Orondo Ruby Salad

Sweet Bites

Cherry almond scones

Pear and cherry slump

No-bake Black Forest cake

Black Forest Cake

Summer cherry walnut fruitcake

Cherry Walnut Cake

Cherry cheesecake swirl brownies

Cherry Cheesecake Brownies

Simple cherry almond muffins

Cherry Muffins

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