Cherries love nothing more than to accompany a beautiful cheeseboard. Their sweetness and juiciness contrast beautifully with many types of cheeses, and their bright hues add a pop of color.

There are many ways to enjoy cherries with cheese: raw, pickled, cooked in a jam, tossed in a salad, etc. The possibilities really are endless, so have fun with it. 

Here is a guide for which cheeses pair well with cherries:

Hard/salty cheeses:
Cherries add a healthy dose of freshness to aged and salty cheeses. Try them with aged gouda, cheddar, manchego, pecorino, asiago, or gruyere.

Soft/salty cheeses:
Say hello to cherries and velvety or crumbly cheeses with a salty kick. Top picks include feta and goat cheese (try different varieties to find your favorite!).

Soft/mild cheeses:
Cherries give the following smooth cheeses a bright pick-me-up: camembert, brie, cream cheese, ricotta, and buffalo mozzarella. 

Blue cheeses:
Yes, versatile cherries can even be married with tangy blue cheese! Pair them with gorgonzola, roquefort, stilton or Maytag Blue cheese. 

Non-dairy cheeses and spreads:
There have never been this many tasty vegan “cheese” options available on the market. Cherries taste great with nut-based products like those made by Kite HillMiyoko’s and Treeline.

Here are our favorite cherry and cheese recipes:

Cherry cucumber cups with feta

Our ultra-fresh summer bites marry crunchy cucumber, sweet Orondo Ruby® cherries and salty feta cheese crumbles.

Cherry cheesecake swirl brownies

The creamy swirl in these cherry brownies adds decadence and originality to this otherwise simple recipe.

Summer faro, cherry and arugula salad with goat cheese

Cherry Farro Salad

Crumbled goat cheese gives this fresh summer salad depth and a touch of salt. Perfect as a summer barbecue side.

Pickled cherries

Pickled Cherries

These quick pickled cherries make a wonderful topping for little toasts with camembert or brieHighly addictive!

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