Chocolate covered cherries are a familiar treat, but we are elevating them by stuffing them with goat cheese & honey chèvre. The savory elements of the chèvre make the tart aspects of the cherries pop while the chocolate mellows the two flavors down, creating a mouthwatering trifecta of deliciousness. Though the flavor combination tastes complicated, the recipe is as easy as can be!


  • 1 dozen Sweet Red Cherries
  • 1-4oz package of Honey Chèvre (room temperature)
  • 1-8oz container of milk chocolate melting wafers 
  • 1-8oz container of white chocolate melting wafers


  1. Pit your sweet cherries on the side to leave the stem attached to the fruit.  Take your room temperature Chèvre and place it into a piping bag with a cherry pit size round tip. Fill the cavity of each pitted cherry with the Chèvre and smooth out with the tip of your finger.
  2. Melt your milk chocolate according to the package directions. Dip the stuffed cherry in milk chocolate and place on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper.  Set aside to cool/solidify.
  3. When the milk chocolate has solidified, transfer the cherries to a cooling rack or oven rack, and melt the white chocolate according to the package directions.  Add the melted white chocolate to a condiment bottle and in a back-and-forth motion, drizzle over each cherry.
  4. Set the completed cherries on the rack in the fridge until you are ready to serve them! Enjoy.

Recipe by: Valerie Musser of @valeriesofcoursecatering & @whosagoodlizard

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