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15 Delicious Healthy Cherry Recipes for Summer and Beyond


Content written by: Hungry Hobby Packed with succulent ripe, juicy cherries, these dazzling, healthy cherry recipes are a must-try for this summer and beyond! Hi, friends! If you’ve been following along this year, you know I’ve published several produce guides for each month of the year to help educate myself about what is in season in my region when. That’s why I’m so excited about partnering with my friends at Chelan Fresh this summer for the cherry season! I’ve got a series of fun new recipes and the latest research about the health benefits of cherries, including coming to you this [...]

15 Delicious Healthy Cherry Recipes for Summer and Beyond2020-06-24T12:24:58-07:00

Cooking Class: How to Roast Orchard Fruit


Summer fruits are bursting with sweet juiciness when they are at their ripest, which makes them best eaten fresh off the tree and tossed into our favorite salads. But we so often forget about roasting our fruit like we would our vegetables. Roasting fruits such as cherries, pears and even apples intensifies the flavors by concentrating their juices and caramelizing the natural sugars. Once roasted, we can use our fruit in both savory and sweet dishes to showcase it at it’s peak, and show off our culinary prowess as well. Here is a quick guide on how to roast cherries, apples [...]

Cooking Class: How to Roast Orchard Fruit2020-06-23T12:27:43-07:00

5 Ways to Pit Cherries


Nothing beats using fresh cherries while they’re in-season and plentiful but pitting them can be a challenge. To help you learn how to pit cherries like a pro, we’ve put together five different methods to pit cherries without a pitter. 1. The chopstick method Remove the stem from a cherry and hold the fruit between two fingers. Grab a hold of a chopstick and position the smaller end into the stem hole. Gently but firmly press the chopstick down into the pit and push it out of the cherry. If you’re having a hard time steadying the cherry, place it on [...]

5 Ways to Pit Cherries2020-06-11T09:30:08-07:00

Life is a Bowl of Cherries


For me, the summer is not complete without cherries in the fridge for my family to eat. As a registered dietitian and a Produce for Better Health Fruit and Vegetable Ambassador in Acton, I am a huge fan of finding ways for everyone to increase their produce consumption in any way that they can. #haveaplant. Cherries may be small, but they are mighty, bringing the delight to each bite. But aside from taste, cherries confer several nutritional benefits to the body. They are a source of fiber, which most of us don’t get enough of, they are a source of carbohydrate, [...]

Life is a Bowl of Cherries2020-06-10T09:38:42-07:00

Cherry, Cheese and Wine Pairing


Created by: Meg Raines Created for: Chelan Fresh Dark Sweet Cherries Cheese Pairing Soft, creamy cheeses will pair well with the sweet, juiciness in the cherries. Try a mild goat cheese, or Bel Gioioso’s fresh mozzarella mini cheese snacking balls, they are the perfect size for a picnic! Wine Pairing An off-dry Rosé with berry notes will compliment ripe cherries and soft mild tasting cheeses without overwhelming the palate. Make sure its well-chilled! **For a more festive presentation pit and slice your cherries, then macerate them with a splash of the Rosé, a drizzle of honey and some fresh thyme leaves, serve over [...]

Cherry, Cheese and Wine Pairing2020-06-08T09:36:47-07:00

In Season: Best Ways to Use Fresh Cherries this Summer


The season that cherry lovers wait for all year is finally here! Fresh, juicy cherries are bursting off the trees and starting to show up in our markets and grocery stores. There are lots of ways to cook with cherries: pies, muffins, scones, crisps and crumbles. But all cherry purists know that the best way to enjoy cherries is to eat them fresh while they are bursting with flavor. We assembled our best recipes that really highlight fresh cherries at their finest.  Get yourself a bag of cherries or two before they disappear, and try a few of these delicious ideas. [...]

In Season: Best Ways to Use Fresh Cherries this Summer2020-06-03T13:49:14-07:00

Cherry Chocolate Banana Bread


Created by: Meg Raines Created for: Chelan Fresh If you have spent any time on the internet lately then you probably have noticed that banana bread recipes are taking over social media feeds as the comfort treat of choice. And for good reason: Banana bread conjures up images of a cozy kitchen and time spent with family. Since cherry season is upon us, we came up with our own version of banana bread that is bursting with fresh cherries and dark chocolate to help satisfy those sweet cravings. INGREDIENTS 1/3 cup vegetable oil, such as coconut, olive or sunflower oil 1/2 cup pure [...]

Cherry Chocolate Banana Bread2020-05-14T16:21:55-07:00