Chelan Fresh Cherries

Honey Bees Hard at Work

Cherries are 90% dependant on the Honey Bee for Pollination when the blossoms open the Honey Bees get busy in Lake Chelan Washington


Honey bees are part of the cherry story! As they gather nectar and pollen to feed themselves and their hives, they pollinate the flowers that they visit. Since most fruit trees require cross pollination to bear fruit, this is a beautiful and important part of the cherry story.

honeybees.jpgWhen the blossoms are open, the bees visit to collect nectar and pollen. They crawl deep into the blossom to get the sweet nectar, and the pollen is collected in their pollen baskets, which are part of their hind legs. Each bee will visit many different flowers, transferring pollen from flower to flower and tree to tree as they go. Also when they return to the hive, they will rub against the other bees and pollen from different trees will cling to different bees. When they take off again for the next round of collection, the pollen will be spread to even more flowers.

Cherries are 90% dependent on honey bees for pollination!