Chocolate Dipped Cherry Popsicles

This cool treat is perfect for summer and a great way to nourish your family this recipe is Gluten, dairy and refined sugar-free. Who needs sugar when you use Fresh Cherries from Lake Chelan Washington?

Chelan Fresh Cherries

This recipe is:  Gluten, dairy and refined sugar free 

Yield: 10 popsicles 

  • 2 cups of sweet red cherries, pitted and torn into halves and quarters
  • 1 can of full fat coconut milk
  • ¼ cup pure maple syrup (honey or agave syrup can be used instead)
  • 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
  • pinch of salt
  • 3 ounces of dark chocolate, chopped into small even pieces
  • ¼ cup coconut oil
  • Assorted toppings of your choice; toasted flaked coconut, cocoa nibs, sliced almonds, etc.
  1. To make the popsicles; using a popsicle mold, distribute the cherry pieces evenly into each individual section. Alternatively, if you do not have a popsicle mold, small plastic cups can be used.
  2. Combine the coconut milk, maple syrup, vanilla and salt in a blender or a mixing bowl and blend or whisk until very smooth. Pour mixture into each section, stirring lightly with a skewer or thin knife to make sure the liquid fills in around the cherries.
  3. Insert popsicle stick into the center of each mold, making sure it goes about half way in for easy removal. Place mold in the freezer until popsicles are frozen solid, at least 3 hours.
  4. To remove frozen popsicles; place the mold under warm running water for a few seconds, making sure the entire section is under the water. Gentle pull on the stick to remove popsicle. Repeat until the popsicle slides out of the mold easily.
  5. To cover the popsicles in chocolate; place the coconut oil in a small pan over low heat until melted completely. Turn the heat off and add the chopped chocolate. Let sit for 3 minutes or until the chocolate melts completely and gently stir to combine. Let cool for 5 minutes. If the chocolate does not melt all the way, turn the heat back on low for an additional minute, taking care not to scorch the chocolate.
  6. Dip each popsicle in the chocolate, quickly sprinkle desired topping on and immediately place back in the freezer on a plate or sheet pan to set. This process works best if you work in batches.
  7. Once the chocolate has set on the popsicles, store in the freezer in a covered container or freezer bag for up to 3 weeks.