Chelan Fresh Cherries

Recipes & Ideas

Recipe Ideas, many sweet and savory uses for Lake Chelan Cherries!

Quick and easy snacks

Go ahead and splurge on cherries for amazing flavor—and health bonuses.  Try from a variety of cherries, from Rainer to Lapin to Bing, for different flavors, colors, and phytochemicals.  Here are some of our favorite ways to indulge.

cherries in the kitchen
Cherry Chocolate Pavlova

This delicious way to indulge in cherries and chocolate is the perfect fix for those chocolate lovers. 

Cool, Cherry Sippers

Freeze pitted cherries until firm.  Fill tumblers with frozen cherries.  Add plain sparkling water and serve with a straw. 

Cherry Breakfast Parfait

For a quick and delicious start to your day, make a cherry breakfast parfait; simply layer Greek yogurt with pitted sweet red cherries and almond granola.

Cherry Smoothie

Need a healthy breakfast to-go?  Throw together a quick cherry smoothie!  Add low-fat milk and yogurt, pitted sweet cherries, sliced banana, and a splash of orange juice to your blender and puree until smooth.  Sneak in extra fiber and omega-3 fatty acids with a spoonful of ground flax seed.

Au Naturel

Hands down, the best way to do cherries is the “naked” way—just wash and eat them plain and simple by the handfuls.  Nothing compares to their tart, sweet, juicy bite.  Pack them in lunch bags and your purse for healthy snacks.

Cherry Dip

For a healthful appetizer and dessert course, pair a bowl of cherries with a dip, such as cream cheese or Greek yogurt.  

Pit and Bake

Invest in a cherry pitter and turn those cherries into delicious fruity desserts and baked goods, including cherry oatmeal cobbler, cherry muffins, cherry baked bars, and cherry pie.

Go Savory

The tart, sweet flavors of cherries suit savory dishes extremely well.  Stir them into meat dishes or sauces, stuffings, and grain side-dishes.  

Cherry Fresh

Fold cherries into fresh dishes, such as yogurt parfaits, green salads, and fresh salsa.

Freeze and Store
  1. Purchase extra quantities of your favorite cherrychewachranch.png
  2. Rinse cherries and lay flat on paper towels to dry
  3. Remove the pits now or just leave the pits in and plan to pit the cherries when they thaw
  4. Gently fold into a freezer bag or freezer proof container
  5. Thaw the cherries out as needed. They make a great semi-frozen treat, use frozen, pitted cherries in smoothies or thaw for your favorite recipe.
  6. Freeze large quantities so you can enjoy cherries all year long!