Chelan Fresh Cherries

Our Process

How we choose our farmers and how we package our cherries to ensure freshness.




Fresh, ripe cherries from the richest farmland in the world.

It's the perfected process of nature that produces our favorite fruitful flavors. 


But how do you make sure that the perfect cherry, ripe and sweet in the sunlight, is just as fresh the moment you take your first bite?

To make that happen, we did something a little different.

We used innovation and advanced technology to get our fruit to market faster, fresher, more perfect than ever before..... with the power of water. 


At Gebber's Farms, we rely on the gentle magic of water to wash, transport, sort and package the fragile, ripe cherries. 


And by building not one, but two, new cherry processing lines, we were able to slow down the process, gently relying on fresh pure water while eliminating harmful human touch.


As our supply of the world's freshest cherries grows and technology continues to transform, our dedication to the process stands strong.