Chelan Fresh Cherries

Our Brands

Looking for Chelan Fresh Cherries in your local store? Here are our lists of brands! Get the taste of Lake Chelan Washington in your home!

Chelan Fresh ships our beautiful Washington grown cherries under the following brands: Box Canyon Fruit, Cruiser Cherries, Danny Boy, Indian Dan Canyon, Seahawk, Orondo Ruby, Trout, Orondo Chief, and Blue Chelan. Each brand that Chelan Fresh packages cherries in is well-known and beloved around the world. We are proud to know that when shoppers see one of our brands, they can rest easy knowing that the contents are fresh, juicy, high quality Washington grown cherries. If you would like to learn more about our brands or packaging, please contact a Chelan Fresh sales representative at 509-682-6071. We would be happy to hear from you.

Packaging components available include: volume-fill cherry box, side lock bag, catch weight bag, and clamshells. Cherry varieties available are Red Sweet cherries, which includes Bing, Chelan and Lapin cherries, Rainier cherries, and Orondo Ruby cherries. Click here to learn more about our new variety, Orondo Ruby!