Chelan Fresh Cherries

Crop Update

Stay up to date with the Cherry crops right here in the Lake Chelan Washington Valley!

Mid-Season Cherry Forecast

As mid-July approaches, Chelan Fresh is at the peak of our cherry harvest. With some of our largest producing orchards situated in the northern part of Central Washington and at higher elevations, our cherry orchards hit their peak both in both volume and fruit size. According to Sales Manager Tim Evans, “We continue to pick some of the best eating, and larger than normal cherries as we move into mid-July. Our fruit continues to peak on 9.5 row and larger and the summer weather to date has been slightly cooler, creating one of the best eating cherry crops in recent memory. US Retailers need to know that strong Export markets are demanding more and more of this season’s smaller crop, so prices are trending higher.   

The Chelan Fresh Cherry Team is available to talk cherries with you now. 509-682-4252.

Cherries on the TreeSweet Red Cherries Growing

Estimated Harvest Dates (weather dependent):

  • Early Varieties (Santina, Chelans):  Mid-June
  • Orondo Ruby Cherries:  Late-June
  • Bings:  Late-June
  • Rainers:  Late-June
  • Lapins:  Late-June

The Best is Yet to Come!

The 2019 cherry season continues to create excitement and opportunities for promotion of Washington Sweet and Rainier cherries.

According to Marketing Director Mac Riggan, “While August will provide some smaller promotable volumes of Dark Sweet cherries, retailers would be well advised to focus their largest promotional activity on July volumes to capture dollars lost on the short  California crop and the now compressing Washington crop.

“Club varieties like Orondo Ruby® and the Wild Sweet cherry are only available in late June through early July so capture the additional wow!’ factor while these unique, but limited volume cherries last.

“Post 4th of July ad promotion will allow retailers the best opportunities to create large displays of Washington cherries to entice consumers” says Riggan.  This timing bodes well as our orchards will see some peak production during this time with big, dark, beautiful Sweet Cherries.

Beautiful Large Sweet Red CherriesCherries Showing ColorOrchard