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Crop Update

Stay up to date with the Cherry crops right here in the Lake Chelan Washington Valley!

Countdown to cherries!

The first warm days of spring always bring excitement and the word “CHERRY” to conversations here in the Northwest! Here at Chelan Fresh we love our apples and pears, but we are especially passionate about Cherries. Because when you’re one of the largest shippers of both Red Sweet and Rainier cherries your passions run deep. 

Cherry season is less than 20 days away! Our ultimate start date will be determined by the number of degree days from now until full bloom and once we hit full bloom, we know harvest is a short 60-75 days. We anticipate the harvest to start around the 2nd week of June but Mother Nature could give us some really warm spring days that may allow us to begin harvest sooner. Once Chelan Fresh cherries are harvested, we plan to ship those cherries within 12-36 hours of harvest and processing. We take great pride in our farmers who make sure that our cherries are harvested at peak times in the early summer mornings, cooled at the orchard sites and are kept cold until they reach retailer shelves.


Beautiful Large Sweet Red Cherries
Cherries on the TreeSweet Red Cherries Growing

Cherry Season Around the Corner!

Washington cherry season is less than 20 days away, and here at Chelan Fresh we’re excited to show off our complete line-up of new Chelan Fresh branded conventional and Cascade Crest Organics® branded cherry packaging.

Launched at the end of 2018, our new packaging gives consumers a good view of the fruit through a clear window that is the shape of a cherry with a leafMarketing Director Mac Riggan states “From a distance the premium look of this packaging leaves no doubt for consumers that cherries have landed on the shelves of their favorite retailer”. With a white background and a distinctive red color lettering for Dark Sweet cherries and a playful orange color for Rainier cherries, consumers have the fun and easy opportunity to choose their favorite variety.

The matching display-ready cartons have a pop-top lid that converts from a flat lid for shipping and folds in half to become a merchandising message board on store level displays. This lid gives retailers an opportunity to attract consumers right as they enter the store and draw them to seasonal cherry displays. 

A similar look was designed for Cascade Crest Organics® with the clear window shaped like a cherry, but uses a more natural color scheme for Dark Sweet cherries and Rainier Cherries. The same lid that covers the cherries during shipping will also double as a merchandise lid for cherry displays at retail.

Chelan Fresh will continue to offer our 1lb, 2lb, 3lb and 4lb cherry clams that match the new look of the pouch bags. New this year will be the Top Seal cherry pack that is offered in 2lb and 3lb sizes. Mac states, “This new Top Seal gives retailers and consumers a more eco-friendly option with the recyclable tray and thin film”.  We want to do our part to continue to evolve and make all of our packaging more friendly for the environment. We farm, live and work right alongside our retail partners and consumers so finding packaging products that are better for the environment is a priority for us.” 

Cherries Showing ColorOrchard

Estimated Harvest Dates (weather dependent):

  • Early Varieties (Santina, Chelans):  Mid-June
  • Orondo Ruby Cherries:  Late-June
  • Bings:  Late-June
  • Rainers:  Late-June
  • Lapins:  Late-June