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Go ahead and splurge on cherries for amazing flavor—and health bonuses.  

  1. Cherry Meringue Dessert
  2. Cherry Bruschetta
  3. Cherry Balsamic Glaze
  4. Chocolate Dipped Cherry Popsicles



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Cherry Chocolate Pavlova


Chelan Fresh Cherries

Orchard Update Crop Update 6/8

Here at Chelan Fresh, spring is one of the best seasons of the year. As the days get longer and the sun gets warmer, the cherry trees leave the cold of winter behind and burst into Blossom. Each little white flower holds the promise of a ripe, juicy cherry.

As you walk through the orchards, you can hear the spring breeze rustle the leaves and the air is filled with an incredibly sweet scent of cherry blossoms. As you get closer to the trees, you’ll also hear the buzzing of hard working honey bees gathering nectar and pollen for their hives. These diligent workers also pollinate the lovely blossoms allowing us to bring you the sensational cherries you have come to expect from our growers.

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& Cherries

These aircraft machines are an important aspect in the cherry industry because they act as a type of insurance....

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The Cherry Story
      The Cherry Story

Watch four feature films that highlight how Chelan Fresh offers Washington's Finest Mountain Grown Cherries all season long.

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Freeze & Store

1. Purchase extra quantities of your favorite cherry
2. Rinse cherries and lay flat on paper towels to dry
3. Remove the pits now or just leave the pits in and plan to pit the cherries when they thaw
4. Gently fold into a freezer bag or freezer proof container
5. Thaw the cherries out as needed. They make a great semi-frozen treat, use frozen, pitted cherries in smoothies or thaw for your favorite recipe.
6. Freeze large quantities so you can enjoy cherries all year long!




Chelan Fresh offers a wide range of convenient, retailer-friendly packaging options.

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Fun Facts

Each glistening, jewel-like cherry holds sweet taste, and vibrant nutritional benefits.  In fact, research points out that this precious fruit holds unique possibilities for better health.

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